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We are pleased to announce that GeoDecisions and Scudder Financial Communications of Exton, PA have joined forces to create HazNet, a global hazardous materials tracking and notification system that serves the petro/chemical, transport, and insurance industries.


The primary mission of HazNet is to reduce the risk in the transport and storage of hazardous materials (hazmats).  The technology can continuously monitor and track hazardous materials from transit to storage, as well as provide first responders and emergency management with critical information to assist in minimizing loss of life as well as mitigating the environmental and legal consequences of an accident or terrorist incident. 


HazNet is powered by IRRIS®, GeoDecisions’ patented technology originally developed for the U.S. Department of Defense.  IRRIS is a first-of-its kind system that provides military planners with the access, knowledge, and data to effectively view, analyze, and track the movement of surface cargo on a global basis. The application provides timely information necessary to proactively ensure transportation security. 


Using IRRIS as the foundation for this new system enables HazNet to offer the hazardous material handling community the same proven technology that the U.S. Military now uses to track and manage the global movement of critical surface cargo, allowing HazNet to leapfrog commercially ahead to offer a cost-effective hazmat tracking and notification system.     Scudder Financial Communications has long been an influential marketing force in the commercial insurance industry and has been responsible for developing the HazNet initiative.  Scudder will continue in the role of marketing and sales.


We are excited about this new system and the capabilities it provides. We invite you to learn more about HazNet at:



William S. Scudder
Scudder Financial Communications

Jon Pollack 
GeoDecisions, A Division of Gannett Fleming
717-763-7211 x2930

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