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HazNet Tracking and Notification System

Scudder Communications is proud to be spearheading a private initiative to develop a hazardous materials tracking and emergency notification system designed to significantly decrease the risk and subsequent claims loss in the transport and storage of hazardous materials.  For additional information or partnering inquiries please contact us.


HazNet reduces claims loss in the transport and storage of hazardous materials by:

             � Reducing the response to incident time

           � Preprogrammed notification / verification by Client/Stakeholders, Insurer, Claims/Remediation

                  as well as Local Responders by jurisdictional hierarchy

             � Provide Public and Private Responders with critical support information to remediate incident

             � Permanent aggregation and storage of all pertinent incident data for legal purposes





Announcing a Joint Venture between Scudder Financial Communications and Geo Decisions

"We are pleased to announce that GeoDecisions, a subsidiary of Gannett Fleming, Harrisburg, PA and Scudder Financial Communications of Exton, PA have joined forces to create HazNet, a global hazardous materials tracking and notification system that serves the petro/chemical, transport, and insurance industries . . ."



For more information on the HazNet / IRRIS Initiative visit our demo site and/or download our Features PDF



Link to demo site:  www.irris.com/HazNet/index.htm                               Click to download HazNet / IRRIS Features



Rail HazMat Case Studies & HazNet / IRRIS Rail demo

Presentation reviewing recent Rail Hazmat incidents. 

The risk mitigation features of Department of Defense's

IRRIS Tracking and Notification program are demonstrated

View Presentation in Flash



A Business Overview of HazNet (with annotated notes)


   HazNet Executive Summary.pdf    



Chicago Chlorine Demonstration

Concept demonstration presented at the Departments of Justice and

Homeland Security's Conference on Technologies for  Public Safety

in Critical Incident Response

Chicago HazNet Demo (Power point movie with voice-over)

Please click link only once and allow time to download

Chicago HazNet Demo - (Flash version - no voice over)


View ABC Report on Chlorine Rail Accident 2005

TV News report on Granitville, SC - HazMat incident

ABC Evening News -  January 6, 2005

What went wrong in Graniteville, SC


A review of the Graniteville, SC Chlorine railcar disaster


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